Saxon Becnel and Sons is the exclusive grower to some of the most cold hardy Satsuma Mandarin’s available today.  The Satsuma Mandarin is a highly popular and great tasting fruit that is seedless, easy to peel, and extremely cold tolerant.  We have three new varieties; two of them being the most cold tolerant of anything available today, and the other being a very high yield variety.

ARCTIC FROST SATSUMA -  The name says it all. The most extreme in cold tolerance taking temperatures as low as 12 degrees under the right conditions. The fruit is easy to peel and considered seedless. The tree is thornless and medium to large in size.

ORANGE FROST SATSUMA - Another excellent choice. Very cold hardy with seedless and easy to peel fruit. The tree is medium to large in size.

BUMPER SATSUMA - Received its name from its bumper crop that it produces every year.  The fruit tends to grow in clusters almost like tomatoes. The tree is a high producer and cold hardy.  The fruit is seedless and easy to peel with the tree being medium to large in size.