We are committed to using the very best products offered to us in order to grow the most premium grafted citrus tree which money can buy.



  1. Systemic Drench - We use a systemic drench as required by both Federal and State regulations.  This drench is non-harmful to human consumption and aids in the overall health of your tree.
  2. Sprayed Weekly - Both Nurseries are sprayed frequently to prevent insects and fungi.
  3. Both States recognize our company for our high quality and co-operation in assisting their efforts.
  4. Our Texas nursery has been under a USDA-APHIS-PPQ approved facility longer than anyone in the state of Texas.  This has been able to provide the state of Texas with the cleanest nursery stock possible.  Through the deepest pathology testing available the state of Louisiana recognizes our Texas nursery as clean stock, and is able to ship into the state of Louisiana.
  5. With the Texas certification, the Louisiana citrus nursery industry now has a clean budwood program from using the budwood originating from our Texas facility.

Water and Fertilization

  • With the help of the Mississippi and Sabine Rivers, we are able to pump water at a high volume and with no salinity issues. 
  • We use a fungicide that not only keeps the irrigation system clean, but also applies to the foliage which is able to keep our tree clean. 
  • That same  fungicide also runs off into the soil and into the roots which makes for a cleaner and healthier tree.
  • We are able to correct the Ph in the water as well.  This enables 100% of our fertilizer to be able to enter the plants tissue.
  • Our system injects a liquid fertilizer along with our high dosage of time release fertilizer.
  • Being able to apply these three steps gives an end result of being able to grow the highest quality citrus tree that is superior to anything grown in the industry.


  • We use a larger container which allows for a bigger, stronger, and healthier premium tree.
  • In both locations we have more than enough inventory to satisfy your needs.
  • With over 25 varieties, from the smallest kumquat to the biggest grapefruit, our quality will speak for itself.
  • Through both locations we have available 1 million trees.  Citrus is a two year crop and so we have 500,000 trees available for this Fall and coming spring.
  • Minimum trees per store is 150, and you are certainly more than welcome to take more. 
  • In this economy we realize that all minimums can not be met, however, we are willing to work with anyone who is willing to work with us.
  • We typically start in early fall as citrus begins to ripen on the tree, and lasts until the summer heat sets in.
  • We welcome anyone to go to our website and Facebook to view additional pictures.
  • Any additional questions, call Ricky Jr. at our main offie (504) 656-7535.